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The AlcoTec



At AlcoTec


, aluminum welding isn’t just part of our business, it’s our only business.

Since 1984, AlcoTec aluminum wire has been world renowned for quality, consistency,

and performance.

And premium aluminum wire is just the start of what we offer. Our goal is to help

you work smarter, faster, and better. With continuous innovation, we maximize your

productivity while minimizing your costs by:

Providing service and support that goes the extra mile to keep you up and running

Helping you take your aluminum welding skills to the next level through expert training

Becoming the ultimate partner you can trust for years to come

At AlcoTec, integrity is just as important to us as the quality of our product.

We strive to treat everyone with the utmost respect. We measure our

success by the number of long-term customers who trust us and

value what we bring to the table. And we appreciate it when

our customers say how much they like working with us.

We invite you to get to know AlcoTec’s products,

equipment, and technical services.