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School for aluminum welding.

Aluminum welding is a specialized process. Whether you are transitioning from welding other materials, or you are

a seasoned veteran, it is always important to understand the latest technologies and best practices. That is why

we have developed a range of services to help improve your welding and your bottom line that are available at the

AlcoTec facility – or we’ll come to you.



AlcoTec Weld School: Aluminum Welding Technology Theory & Practice – an international program

that provides a hands-on approach to welding aluminum alloys



Welder Qualification Program



Welder training



On-site tailored consulting – assisting in the methodology and process of your application



Weld procedure development via tailored support or Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)

Training and certification

AlcoTec’s Weld School program is designed to incorporate both the theoretical

and practical, hands-on approach to the welding of aluminum alloys. The classroom

instruction includes an understanding of the theory and general characteristics of

the various aluminum alloys and tempers.

Register online at .

“AlcoTec has a very good

quality product. They stand

behind it.

– Joseph Maino, AlcoTec customer