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Technical Services

Easy Weld Quality Tests

Use a saw to notch each side of a sample taken from a groove weld assembly, as shown.

Clamp one end in a vice and strike the other end with a hammer to break the sample.

An easy way to examine the cross-sectional profile of a weld is to perform a “poor-man’s etch”. This can be done on fillet

and groove welds. It involves cutting the weldment to expose the cross section and polishing it as smoothly as possible.

Then warm up the sample (warm to the touch is sufficient) and spray the face to be etched with Easy Off


oven cleaner.

The chemical in this cleaner (sodium hydroxide) will etch the surface after about 20-30 seconds. Rinse the sample, dry it

(compressed air cans work nicely), and then dust it with a clear lacquer.

Complete Fusion

Lack of Fusion

Groove Welds

Since groove welds cannot simply be folded over, a nick-break procedure can be done to examine the internal weld structure.


Sound weld metal

Lack of fusion/void