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Lack of fusion and porosity

can be considered the two most common discontinuities in aluminum welds. If you’re

making changes to your process to reduce these items, you’ll want to be able to check your weld quality right away.

Below are a few methods you can use for quick weld quality checks.

Easy Weld Quality Tests

Fillet Welds

You can easily check fillet welds for both lack of fusion and

porosity using the fillet fold over test. Weld one side only of

a tee joint and then fold the weldment over as shown here.

If the weld breaks, examine the internal structure of the

weld metal (examples are shown below).

Fold over test

Porosity will show up as very shiny, spherical inclusions.

Lack of fusion is evident when the sharp edge of the vertical component can still be seen under the weld metal.

When complete fusion is achieved, the edge of the vertical component will be melted away by the weld metal.