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Technical Services

Angle “A” Degrees

Maximum Stress

(3 Million Cycles)

ksi (MPa)


7.5 (52)


9.5 (66)


13.5 (93)

Welders completing groove welds often end up with excessive face reinforcement on their welds. Whether they just want

to make sure the joint is filled in or they think it makes the weldment “stronger”, it typically causes more potential for harm

than good. Excessive face reinforcement on a groove weld will typically create a larger stress riser which may increase the

odds of the weldment cracking because of fatigue. Note the location of the crack in the weld image below.

Excessive Face Reinforcement

Reinforcement Angle


Reinforcement Angle


By increasing the reinforcement angle of the weld metal as

shown in these images, the maximum amount of stress the

assembly could withstand almost doubled.

Additionally, removal of the reinforcement can restore fatigue

performance to near un-welded condition in non heat-treatable

alloys or re-heat-treated surfaces.