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AlumaPak Payoff

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Available in 50 lb. and 311 lb. packages, the AlumaPak Mini and the AlumaPak are designed to keep your welders up and running and reduce down time - which saves you money.

See an example of the cost savings below.

Calculated Savings: AlumaPak vs. 16lb. Spools
(5xxx series)
Drum Package Costs: $130/unit
Wire Savings: $0.01/lb.
Down Time Savings 16 lb. 20 lb.
No. of Changes per 311 lbs. 19+ 15+
Down Time per Change 15 min. 15 min.
Labor & Overhead $25/hr. $25/hr.
Total Down Time 291 min
(4.9 hrs)
233 min
(3.9 hrs)
Down Time Cost $125.50 $97.50
Down Time Savings
minus a single change
$119.25 ($0.38/lb) $91.25 ($0.29/lb)
Total Savings:
Down Time Savings $0.29 to $0.38/lb
Wire Savings $0.01/lb
Minus Cost of Parts $130/unit (10 drums = $0.042)
Total Savings $0.26 to $0.35/lb

Other reasons the Payoff Pak is the best choice:

  • Patented feedability ensures wire with precise diameter, cast, helix, and sliding friction controls to create a stable, uniform arc, consistent weldments, and minimal burn-back.
  • Unique metallurgical structure and wire surface finish provide optimum feedability and x-ray quality welds.
  • Proprietary shaving process produces a smooth, uniform surface free from abnormalities that can trap contaminants and cause porosity.
  • Wire diamter control produces the same welding parameters from spool to spool and lot to lot for consistent performance.
  • Convenient-sized packaging is designed to retain the superior quality of the material from the time the package leaves our production facility until the product is put to use.
  • Continued support after the sale from an experienced staff always ready to assist with welding problems, help you improve your manufacturing techniques, or develop new welding procedures.
Aluma Mini and Maxi Pack

Drum Set-Up Instructions

For 1XXX & 2XXX series drums, use the 4XXX series instructions.

4XXX AlumaPak

4XXX AlumaPak-Mini

5XXX AlumaPak

5XXX AlumaPak-Mini