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AlcoTec Offers Training & Certification in Alumunum Welding

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AlcoTec Offers Aluminum Welding Training and Certification

AlcoTec Wire Corporation, a subsidiary of ESAB Welding and Cutting Products, is the technology leader and the world’s largest producer of aluminum welding wire, as well as the only single source for all aluminum alloys currently registered for welding applications. As a result, AlcoTec employees are uniquely qualified to offer training, certification and consultation in aluminum welding.

AlcoTec’s welding school, located at AlcoTec’s facility in Traverse City, Michigan, incorporates theory and a hands-on approach to welding aluminum alloys, as well as one-on-one discussions with staff. Topics include general characteristics of aluminum, metal preparation, welding procedures and inspection. Customized training for specific needs is also available.

AlcoTec also offers welder performance qualification and welding procedure qualification.

Since 1983, AlcoTec has focused on satisfying customers through a solutions-oriented partnership designed to maximize customer productivity, reduce start-up time and control overall costs. As a fully integrated aluminum welding and brazing wire producer, AlcoTec has the capabilities to shave, draw, spool, cut, test and distribute their products. AlcoTec’s emphasis on supplying customers with premium quality aluminum wire and ongoing technical support, has made their products the industry standard. To learn more, contact AlcoTec toll free at 1-800-228-0750.