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AlcoTec Introduces Powered Pak-Trak Delivery System  for Aluminum Wire Drums

Traverse City, MI – AlcoTec Wire Company announces that its aluminum wire is now available in high quantity for production use with the new Powered Pak-Trak (PPT) for drum applications. This breakthrough device pushes welding wire from a drum package to your existing wire feeder. The PPT reduces downtime caused by spool changeover because one drum contains as much wire as 20 spools. The PPT also improves the quality of the welds by modifying the cast of the wire to eliminate defects such as wire wander.

The PPT converts the typical sine wave shape of drum wire to a circular cast to allow long, continuous seam welds without arc wander. The case diameter is adjustable. This air-driven system provides delivery of wire to a feeder up to 100 ft (33 m) away and requires no electrical connections to the feeder. It is compatible with all aluminum alloys.

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, AlcoTec is the world’s largest producer of aluminum welding wire. As a fully integrated aluminum welding and brazing wire producer, the company has the capabilities to shave, draw, spool, cut, test and distribute its products. AlcoTec’s emphasis on supplying customers with premium quality aluminum wire, as well as ongoing technical support, has made their products the industry standard.

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