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MIG Welding Aluminum

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MIG Welding Aluminum

Use correct contact tip size (I.D. and length). The longer the contact tip the better the wire feed. Contact tip bore diameter should be approx. 10% larger than the electrode diameter.

Maintain proper cup contact tip relationship. Tip should be recessed from 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) to 1/4 inch 6.4mm) maximum.

Use straight nozzle barrel torch, not a gooseneck.Curved nozzle guns require more line maintenance.

Use nonmetallic (Teflon / Nylon) inlet and outlet guides.

Use U-Type drive rolls. Other types distort or shave wire causing more burnbacks. Insure that the drive roll groove edges are chamfered, not sharp.

Align drive rolls properly. Misaligned rolls or excessive pressure

will distort the wire and cause feedability problems.

Check for water and inert gas leaks. Use tygon inert gas hose. Do not interchange water and inert gas lines.

Use proper power source. Constant current type power is best for welding aluminum.

Do not crimp or bend contact tips. Use straight contact tips to reduce buildup and arcing in contact tip l.D.

Clear total length of electrode from liner after a burn-back.

Replace and/or polish l.D. of contact tip if you notice pulsing or spiraling of electrode. Use a section of a round saw blade to polish I.D. of new as well as used contact tips.

Protect and store electrode properly. Do not leave electrode in feeder overnight. Store in cabinet with temperature and humidity control. Humidity < 30 percent.