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Less Is More

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More satisfied employees, more satisfied customers, more flawless products and more time for business adding up to more profit for your company. What more could you want?

Less hazardous compounds

ESAB has a long term program to eliminate hazardous compounds from the welding process. A commitment that is unique in the welding business. We believe heavy metals belong in the weld, not in the slag or in fumes. Our copper-free wires are a good example of how we can improve your working environment, reduce heavy metals in waste and improve your productivity.

Less packaging waste

Another objective is to reduce the use of non-recyclable packaging materials and to cut down on packaging generally. That way you spend less time handling waste materials. Take MARATHON PAC™ for example. You gain the benefits of greatly improved feedability and simplified package recycling.

Less welding defects

Welding defects can result in very negative environmental impact. So one of our top priorities is to make readily available clear advice on welding processes in addition to the supply of high quality products. The OrigoTig is the perfect machine to help you cut down on defects. With the capability to weld plates of a variety of thicknesses and materials it features a simplified control panel, high frequency ignition and easy setting of post gas and slope down.

Less energy use

Our engineering teams are working to continuously increase the efficiency of our welding and cutting equipment. That way ESAB can reduce your energy costs and negative impact on the environment. We will continue to share our knowledge with you to deliver advice on achieving more energy efficient welding processes.

Less wasted time

Our focus on Environmental Health & Safety gives us the knowledge to help you with the information requirements of your national authorities, customers and waste management companies. ESAB Safety Data Sheets also include information on welding slags, other types of product waste and fume compounds in addition to safety measures and procedures.

Less administration

ESAB maintains a well structured and transparent approach to Environment, Health & Safety issues. That means you have a partner that is both reliable and proactive in helping you to fulfil relevant legal and other compliance requirements. Within Europe that includes EU directives such as WEEE, RoHS and REACH. One key improvement target we have set ourselves concerns the effective recycling of materials from redundant welding equipment.

Less recruitment problems

Research clearly shows that modern well-educated young people would rather work in companies with high standards when it comes to sustainable development. And they will rapidly increase in numbers.

Less negative impact

ESAB is committed to delivering products which continuously lower their environmental impact across their entire operating life and including  disposal. Our long term life cycle approach will lessen the environmental impact of these products year on year. It also makes ESAB the best partner to support your company’s own goals to reduce negative impact on the wider environment.

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